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Exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2022!

Very happy to have been selected for this wonderful exhibition once again!

I'm so happy to say my painting, 'Heatwave Hustle' has been selected for this years Summer Exhibition. I'm super grateful for another opportunity to be part of this amazing all inclusive show and to be able to exhibit alongside some of the current 'art world' Greats is very exciting. It will also be lovely to have this experience without the 'Plague'! Last time was surreal, filmed by the BBC whilst Covid was in full swing and having to see my painting through a plastic shield, with no ceremonies. (I loved every minute though!) So, my next job is to create my new edition of prints. My painting has been professionally photographed and is ready for printing. I have chosen to offer these professionally framed and am in the process of working on the design with my Framer.

I also was able to take part in the RA's very traditional 'Varnishing Day', which is the day the Exhibiting Artists are invited to the Academy for their private view of the exhibition. It's a really special day and I'm so happy and grateful to have been part of it. I found my painting 'Heatwave Hustle' looking right at home in Alison Wilding's Room IX. I'm a huge fan of her work and love that as co-ordinator, she brought the theme 'Climate' to this year's show.

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