Artist Residency - Beckenham Place Mansion

Artist Manager (in Music), turned Painter.

"As time goes on, I treasure my earliest work when I knew little and have promised myself not to elude that honesty and rawness" 

Sophia's South East London studio since 2016 is set within 200 acres of parkland and ancient woodland (her lifelong playground).  It's no wonder much of Sophia's work is inspired by this nature and urban mix.


Subject matter comes the from the abstract memory having absorbed the sights, sounds and redolence of places she has experienced which also feature her love of the Kent coastline.  Series' vary and include large colourful abstracts to semi-monochrome woodland undergrowth. Additionally, some figurative work to explain her personal experience, questions and pivotal moments which are all coming together in a slow burning series called  'Life Choices'.


What would have been if you had chosen differently at those pivotal moments in your life?  It's not always about the 'crossroads' but the smallest of gestures will alter your path. Are there places     and times you want to rewind to, in order to re-live or undo? Making the right life choices seems easy for some and hard for others. Is this luck, intelligence, instinct?


A slow burning series that comes from the heart. Questions, experiences, memories and regrets.

ROSE - Influence and circumstance.