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Relocation and Filling the Creative Well!

I've been a little quiet. Here's why...

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while!

I’ve been a little quiet this year so far. It's because I have been busy relocating to the lovely town of Lewes in East Sussex. I will quickly add, I haven’t left London completely! I’m continuing to use my art studio residency at Beckenham Place Mansion in South East London, as a gallery, a workspace for specific projects, collaborations for interior design and of course for Open Studio Days.

Lewes has been extremely welcoming and I’ve already met some awe-inspiring Artists here. (It’s funny how Artists always find each other where ever we go.)

Something here I’ve been dreaming of for a long time is having immediate access to the incredible landscape of the South Downs and surrounding areas to the coast.  As an Artist, it is so important to fill that “creative well” and for me, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m drawn to and inspired mostly by nature, so it’s wonderful in the short time I’ve been here, to have met some very knowledgeable people who are keen to go out on huge walks and introduce me to the very beautiful and fascinating biodiversity of this area. I’ve been learning a lot and am so excited to be taking part in woodland conservation work too.

I have to admit, it was quite tough taking that leap to relocate and getting through those first dark winter months trying to get set up with living accommodation and somewhere to paint in Lewes but thankfully it’s all worked out amazingly and at last I’m getting back into the flow of painting again. Taking that break to relocate and get organised plus having all the experiences of new sights, sounds and people…well let’s say, the creative well is pretty full and I can’t wait to see what on earth emerges on those canvases!

Thank you for reading this little update, for your patience and for supporting my creative journey. I really do appreciate it. I look forward to sharing my new work and new stories with you online and maybe I will see you in Lovely Lewes or Beautiful Beckenham Place Park sometime soon!

Wishing you a wonderful (and slightly warmer) Summer!

Sophia x


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