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Fine Art Print - (Original work selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2020)


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The original painting has been selected by the Royal Academy Summer (Winter) 2020. Sophia's, with her original painting featured on the BBC2 Royal Academy Exhibition Documentary first broadcast, 17th October 2020.


Professionally photographed for this fine art print on matt, smooth, Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper.   All prints come with Artist Verification, delivered securely in a hardback envelope.


This Edition is Unlimited. ALL original work and prints are signed, archive numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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About 'The Major's Garden'.


‘The Major’s Garden’ relates to happy childhood memories of our late “Uncle John” … (A close family friend) who lived in our house during the 60’s and 70’s while I was growing up.  He was a lovely strong character who did his own thing, expressed himself in his own way and believed everyone should be able to do that too.


We used to have great conversations about life, art, music and nature. He was just a very inspiring person to know.


For my submission to the Royal Academy, I wanted to bring a portrait into my current work which is an impressionistic view of the undergrowth (the unsung hero of nature) and who better than 'Uncle John' sitting in an abundantly wild garden.


Uncle John was a man who was definitely before his time. I painted The Major’s Garden in his memory and being a creative himself, I just know he would have loved that this memory has made the Royal Academy... especially with those fabulous red shoes!


(‘The Major’ was a nickname we gave Uncle John for a while… he used to make us laugh so much by playing the character of a nutty  Sargent Major with a whistling tooth.) 




All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons © 


Images on this site.


The print image colours are true to the original painting and while every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible with the representing images displayed on this site (we think we've got it right), there maybe slight variations due to differing screen settings and photography.

The Major's Garden (Fine Art Print) Royal Academy of Arts

  • Professionally photographed for this fine art print using archival inks on matt, smooth, Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper.   Prints are signed come with a certificate of authenticity.


    'Image size' has white border which makes up the 'paper size'.

    Frame and mount are not included.

    This Edition is Unlimited.


    All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons © 


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