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This painting has been reserved for exhibition but still maybe available. Please email if you are interested in the piece.




(Fine Art Prints also available) 


'Indigo' is part of a series of paintings created in the Lockdown of 2020. This series is very special to me as painting was a real comfort and a natural change my process occured without the rush and busyness of life I was creating a new depth and detail to my work. I've also taken time to observe the connection between emotion and these scenes that very much focus on the undergrowth, the unsung hero of nature which has it's own unique beauty if you can stop and really see it. The Series is ongoing.

Colours - Deep blue, muted teal, white, greys and a soft earthy beige.


ALL original work and prints are signed, archive numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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Images on this site.


Please note: While every effort to be as accurate as possible with the representing images displayed on this site (we think we've got it right), there maybe slight variations due to differing screens and photography. The room setting images should be used as a rough guide. Please refer to the product info for dimensions.


All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons ©

Indigo - Original Painting (100 x 100 x 4cm)

  • Unframed Original Painting.  This painting comes unframed, product photos with frams are for demonstration only. The painting does not need to be framed and is just a matter of preference. 

    The sides are painted white.


    Dimensions -  100cm x 100cm x 4cm


    Acrylic on 100 % Cotton Stretched Canvas


    All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons © 

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