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Original Painting


This painting is still available but awaiting exhibition placement. Please register your interest by emailing me and I will personally keep you updated on this peice.


'Cyrus', 1.2m x 1.5m. Cyrus is the painting I was working on last year when being filmed by the BBC for Royal Academy documentary.   Like most of the ‘Undergrowth’ series, this is a visceral response to walking in the ancient woodlands nearby, going off the beaten path and carefully working my way through twisted thorn, nettles and wild flowers to discover small clearings that are like little oases of undisturbed nature. Depending on the light, the season, the time of day and how I’m feeling, these scenes can be perceived in so many different ways and the palette is limitless.



ALL original work and prints are signed, archive numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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Please note: While every effort to be as accurate as possible with the representing images displayed on this site (we think we've got it right), there maybe slight variations due to differing screens and photography. The room setting images should be used as a rough guide. Please refer to the product info for dimensions.


All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons © 



Cyrus - Original (1.22m x 1.52m)

  • Unframed Original Painting. 


    Dimensions - 1.22m x 1.52cm x 4cm


    Acrylic on 100 % Cotton Stretched Canvas


    All Copyrights remain with the Artist, ©sophialyons © 

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