Varnishing Day at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

30th September 2020

All exhibiting Artists are invited for this private view of the exhibition before it opens every year. This event is traditionally called Varnishing Day. In 'normal' years this would have been a crowded colourful celebration party. However, with Covid still doing it's thing we were given short time slots to visit, wearing a mask and socially distancing. I'm still thrilled though that the RA have pulled out all stops to make Summer 'now Winter' Exhibition happen.

So! I got to see 'The Major's Garden' up on the wall of the Royal Academy! It was such a great feeling to see it up there. It is hanging in a nice centre position amongst some absolutely awesome art. I also met the really lovely David Remfry RA from the hanging committee. He had selected the painting for his gallery room and said great things about it. I didn't expect to meet him and it absolutely made my day.

I also got to meet Brenda Emmanus from the BBC, we had a nice chat too ;) Maybe more news to come on that ;)

Photo Brenda Emmanus (BBC Presenter), David Remfry RA, Moi.