Covid-19, Preparing for Lockdown and being Shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition

We have Covid-19 Pandemic. To all the brave people out there who are keeping us going, keeping us safe and saving our lives, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'm just a silly old Artist, staying home. I promise, I will not forget and will find a way to give back.

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well and I'm sending my love and best wishes to everyone. Thank you for taking to the time to stop by my site.

At the same time as this nightmare has become a reality I have had the news that I've been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition. It's something that I've really wanted for years and ok, it's only the first round but I'm really pleased with that, maybe the judges will put me through..I can't lie, it would be a little gem in this difficult time. I've heard the Exhibition will now be in the Autumn, all going well.

Like most people, I had been preparing for lockdown, for myself, my loved ones in their respective homes and my elderly neighbours. Yes, I got food and supplies in for me, the dog and all of the above... I also ordered 50 canvases, approximately 10 gallons of paint, 20 new brushes and 5 palette knives. I am an Artist in Lockdown. On the 12th March I closed up my studio at Beckenham Place Park and will be working from home until this is over. My art will be a comfort and a distraction I hope, for me and for anyone that will be kind enough to view it and I hope to have some work available to buy from this site really soon.

This is my RA Entry. 'The Major's Garden', It's homage to my Uncle John, a creative, loving, beautiful soul who was incredibly special to me when I was growing up. I just know that he would have loved the freedom of this painting. He was ahead of his time. The photograph bottom left, is me and him together in the summer of 1972.

Keep safe and keep strong.