Writing retrospectively....

It is actually April 12th on the day of writing this. - February. Cold, rainy, storms, Floods. Had felt like it had been raining since October! I had one Open Studio event on the 8th.. It was great, I was amazed to see so many people and very grateful to have sold a lot of work. Although I was aware of Covid-19 in China and had already contemplated that perhaps it could reach us at some point in the future I, like most people had no idea how quickly and seriously it would affect us. With one eye on the news, I was immersed with painting three commissioned pieces in February and I was working hard to complete my submission piece for the RA Summer Exhibition. This would be my 4th year trying. I also painted a large new version of 'Bluebell Woods' for the Cafe at the Mansion (www.beckenhamplace.org) and have a small photo shoot in front of it with Buckley.

Photographer Tracy Howl, www.tracyhowl.com

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