Textures and Tidal Pools

When I walk along the Kent Coastline, in this instance from Margate to Whitstable, it's something I do to dust off the cobwebs, breathe in the sea air and lose myself in thought. I take snaps of textures, usually weathered paint on steel or wood, rusty objects, patterns in the sand, strewn seaweed... these are things I'm drawn to. I like the randoms, the accidents and the reminiscence of being. The tidal pool, Margate is a man-made structure, the incoming tide fills the pool and the outgoing tide leaves a neat piece of shallow ocean for people to take a dip in. The elements and the salt water batters the structure and builds deposits of barnacles and sand. In parts it becomes jagged and despite it's straight lines it has settled into the coastline over time. Each time I have passed by, the sky and the water project different light, one day it is almost a monotone scene, another, it will be pink, orange, yellows and then your classic expected turquoise and blues and all the shades between. This is my abstract painting of a tidal pool. It's called 'The Boss'. Its big and bold.