Happy New Year and a BIG thank you!

2018 was an incredible year. I set out to paint my socks off and that I did. It's conclusive, I walk every day in the most beautiful surroundings where my eyes zoom in on nature's detail and this has become quite dominant in my work. Although I'm also an avid photographer, I never paint from photos but always from a combination of memories and sometimes this can come in a very abstract way and other times more literal.

It is almost two years now that I have been based at the Artists Studios in Beckenham Place Park Mansion. I was there from the beginning of a new project to turn this rather neglected but magnificent Georgian building into a creative hub for the community and being part of this transformation has been so special. I have been able to open my studio regularly to the public and it has been really lovely to have people come in and see the views from my window and wander round looking at all the work we, (the artists) have been producing up there.

At first I was no nervous for people to see my work... if you look back on early posts you will see that I was even nervous about the other artists seeing what did! But I didn't need to worry, I know that not every one is going to like what I do but it seems that actually, quite a lot of people do!!

I am so grateful to all those who have taken an interest by coming to our Open Studio Days and following on social media. With this amazing support, I am able to carry on doing this...and will continue to learn and create and paint more socks off in 2019. THANK YOU and here's wishing you a fantastic 2019.

(Here's just some of you and my paintings that have found new homes)