Learning From The Masters

Well trying to!!! Every now and then I take time to copy a piece of work that I love. It is always a great learning experience and just by doing, I discover the intricacies within a painting that I just wouldn't have found by just 'looking'. When I painted Picasso's Reclining Nude, I went BIG. I broke some rules and messed the dimensions of the original (naughty) but when I took this on, I actually thought it was going to be easy! What?! No, there is so much detail and layering in this painting. When you're copying something you cannot just apply paint with natural strokes because you are recreating natural strokes which feels very unnatural!

I had the amazing fortune just a few weeks after painting this to go and see the REAL version at the Picasso exhibition at the Tate Modern in London. Wished I'd seen it BEFORE, haha but I realised immediately that Picasso had painted this with beautiful flowing confident strokes and mine is clear imitation (OF COURSE) but I'm proud of it and it's a fab painting and wow I've learnt so much that I can now carry through to my own stuff.

Here also is a small study of a Modigliani, unravelling new brush technique and layering of colours and the simplicity which hurt my brain at times because I had to continually stop myself from adding more detail.

Lastly, see 'Jane' a painting of my own, using methods learnt from copying a Modigliani...

I am currently working on my own 'Picasso' inspired landscape too!