2018 Here I Come!

I am really excited about what is to come this year. The last few years I have been working hard at this; experimenting, absorbing as much as I can from fellow Artists and galleries....and yes, the wonders of the internet where anyone can filter classes, technical information, paint formulas and mediums, business matters, right down to how to package and ship your work safely.... but most of all I have painted almost every single day.

Of course the learning is never going to stop but I can feel a change, some confidence now (helped muchly by seeing my paintings sell in 2017). My work is still varied in style and I know there are critics who won't like that (not that I care!) but I'm starting to see that something is pulling them all together and I have a head brimming full of new ideas. I can't wait to see what happens next... so bring it on 2018, let's have ya!

First painting this year... 'Equable'